Adventure tour by 4WD in the nomadic country

13 days / 12 nights

Off Road

This road trip by 4WD will take place in a small country of Central Asia covered by great wild spaces: Kyrgyzstan. Mainly covered by sky-high mountains, Kyrgyzstan is a country that has kept a nomadic way of life. The herds of animals as well as the yurts of the nomads give a unique charm to the hilly mountain landscapes. This country is ideal for an adventure off the beaten tracks. Each step of this 4WD tour has been carefully selected after being crossed several times. Come and explore the nomadic life and the Swiss Alps of Central Asia!

The highlights of this trip:

Travel the nomadic lands in your own 4WD at your own pace

Explore the snow-capped mountain country known as the Switzerland of Central Asia

Admire the cultural heritage of the Silk Road in the East

Beautiful mountain landscapes during your off-road tour


You will take off from the airport of your choice to Bishkek. Overnight on board the plane.

Welcome to Central Asia! Meet our Kyrgyz team at Manas International Airport, then transfer to your hotel. Located on one of the Silk Road corridors, Bishkek is a very modern city with a lot of green spaces. After breakfast at your hotel, you will go on a city tour to discover this modern capital. In the late afternoon you will pick up your 4WD from our local agency and prepare it for your adventure.

Dinner in town and overnight at the hotel.

In the morning you will leave the capital and start your adventure in Kyrgyzstan. First you will drive on the highway connecting the capital with Osh, a major city of the country. While crossing the mountain pass you will be amazed by the breathtaking scenery. Then you will head to Susamur valley, which is known for its cold and unusual winter, to find a comfortable place to set up camp.

Dinner and overnight at the camp.

After breakfast you will continue your adventure and reach Song Kul Lake, known as the blue pearl of Kyrgyzstan. A first stop will allow you to visit the Kojomkul mausoleum, a legendary Kyrgyz strongman who lived between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in Susamur. The track is also used extensively by cars exploring the coal mines in the high mountains. After crossing the beautiful mountain scenery, you will finally arrive at Song Kul Lake located at 3,016 m (9,895 ft) above sea level, northwest of the town of Naryn.

Dinner and overnight stay in a yurt camp.

Song Kul Lake is located in the mountains at an altitude of 3 016 m (9,895 ft) above sea level. Here it is possible to have all four seasons in one day! In the morning you will walk and visit Tash-Tulga which means “stone chimney” in Kyrgyz. You will also cross the Terskey Torpok pass – or 33 parrots pass – where you will be able to walk in breathtaking landscapes before reaching the city of Naryn. The latter is built on both banks of the Naryn, the main tributary of the Syr Darya river.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

In the morning you will head to the highest pass of your road trip in Kyrgyzstan, located at the Chinese border. You will reach the pass through the Ak-Muz valley and then reach the altitude of 3 400 m (11 155 ft). Your propusk (special authorization in Russian language) will be checked before entering the border valley where the Aksai river flows towards China. On the way to Kel-Suu, it will be possible to stop and approach the yak herds. The yak is an animal that lives at high altitude, above 3,000 m (11 155 ft), for 15 years or more.

Dinner and overnight stay in the yurt.

In the morning you will explore the Kel-Suu lake hidden in the mountains, then you will head to Tach Rabat, a caravanserai built entirely out of stone. The road can be quite difficult, as the bridge over the Aksai River is destroyed and you will have to ford it. An incredible experience! You will then reach the border crossing for China where many trucks are waiting to cross the border. You will take the highway to reach the Tach Rabat caravanserai. Possible walk around the yurt camp. Dinner at the camp.

After breakfast you will visit the caravanserai of Tash Rabat, a well-preserved building from the 15th century. Then you will continue driving to explore the Mels-Ashu Pass located near the village of Baetovo. The pass reaches an altitude of 3,420 m (11,220 ft) and you will enjoy breathtaking scenery. The name MELS was formed from the first letter of the names of K. Marks, F. Engels, V. Lenin and I. Stalin . The landscape changes along the way and you will have a beautiful view of the valley. In the late afternoon you will arrive in the city of Naryn and sleep in the hotel.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

A new step of your 4WD adventure tour continues in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. You will leave the city of Naryn and head towards the Tash-Bashat mountains along the river. While crossing the mountain pass, you will be able to stop and enjoy the natural beauty of this place. The peacefulness of the valley will be highly appreciated as well as its extraordinary landscapes. At the end of the afternoon, you will choose a place to set up camp. Dinner and night at the camp.

The day will start early to reach the shores of Issyk Kul lake. You will first drive along the stream and start to climb gently on a rarely used trail. When you reach the top of the Altyn Arashan (Golden Spa) Pass, you will enjoy the beautiful views at an altitude of 3 325 m (10 910 ft). The trail continues down to the Jilii Suv oasis along the Kumtor gold mine road. It is not rare to cross trucks going to the mine. Once down, you will set up your tent in a beautiful place and have dinner around the fire. Dinner and overnight at the camp.

After visiting the hot springs, you will go to Issyk Kul Lake which means “hot lake“. Located at an altitude of 1 606 m (5 270 ft), this lake reaches a maximum depth of 668 m (2 192 ft). You will be able to walk and swim. After the picnic at the water’s edge, you will head to Barskoon, a small village located on the southern shore of the lake. In Kyrgyz, Barskoon means “the tears of the snow leopard”. Once inhabited by many leopards, this area has two beautiful waterfalls, from which the village takes its name. Stay in a guest house for a well-deserved rest. Dinner and night in the guest house.

This last day of the adventure tour by 4WD in Kyrgyzstan has some more surprises in store for you. On the way to the capital you will make a stop on the southern shore of the Issyk Kul lake to visit the beautiful Skazka Canyon, also known as Fairytale Canyon.  Its formation, caused by natural erosion, has taken several thousand years. You will also visit the Burana Tower which was used as a directional tower for caravans crossing the region. Arrival in Bishkek in the late afternoon and handover of your 4WD to the local agency. Rest at the hotel before going to a restaurant for dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

You will be transferred to Manas international airport depending on the time of your return flight. We wish you an excellent trip!

NB: This tailor-made tour is given as an example and can be modified or customized to your wishes. For more details and information, please contact our agency.

Off Road

Adventure tour by 4WD in the nomadic country

13 days / 2 nights

Samarkand Explore is a tailor-made travel agency based in the mythical city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. It organizes private trips with authentic circuits in several regions of Central Asia. Whether you are a couple, a family or a small group, our team will take care of making this trip YOUR trip.

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