Wonders of Uzbekistan

15 days / 14 nights

Trekking Tour

For this trekking trip, everything starts in the city of Tashkent before continuing in the mountains of Zarafshan. You will have a few days of active walking in these beautiful mountains before arriving in the mythical city of Samarkand, the first step of your journey on the Silk Road. The second mountain range is called Nourata where we will also have a few days of active walking. A trek with gorgeous mountain and steppe landscapes. You will also stay in villages located at the foot of these mountains to experience the daily life of the local people. You will finish your trip by exploring another fascinating city of the Silk Road: the ancient city of Bukhara.

The highlights of this trip:

Two hikes in two different mountain ranges

Enjoy the stunning landscapes of Zarafshan and Nurata

Discover the nomadic life in the middle of the desert

Explore the two major cities of the Silk Road: Samarkand and Bukhara


Flight to Uzbekistan on a regular Turkish Airlines flight. Overnight on board.

Welcome to Uzbekistan! You will be greeted by your tour guide and transferred to the hotel. After checking in, you will have some free time to recover from the fatigue of the trip. Your day of immersion in Uzbek life will start with the exploration of the modern part of Tashkent. The Amir Timur (also known as Tamerlane) Square is considered the center of this new city. Then you will visit the Museum of Arts and Crafts where you will see a lot of handicrafts from all the regions of the country. The day will end at the Chorsu market, which is very lively during the week.

Dinner in town and overnight at the hotel.

After breakfast you will be transferred to the railway station to take the high-speed train to Shahrisabz, the hometown of Amir Timur (6 hours). Upon arrival, you will visit the three main monuments built during Timur’s reign including the impressive Aksaray Palace (White Palace). This is where the great lord welcomed the Spanish ambassador Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo. Then, you will go to the mountain village of Zarafshan (20 km) where you will stay with local people. Walk through the village.

Dinner and night at a local’s house.

The three-day trek in Zarafshan mountains starts today. Our local team will organize all the logistics for the smooth running of your trek and you will carry only your clothes for the day, not forgetting sun cream and sun glasses. You will climb slowly to the Ayakchi peak where a magnificent view will open on the oasis of Kachkadarya. After a picnic lunch, you will continue your walk, passing by the Eagle Rocks and perhaps meeting some shepherds guarding their flocks. At the end of the day, you will reach the summit at an altitude of 1,635 m (5,364 ft) and set up your tents.

Dinner and overnight at the camp.

The second day will start after breakfast. You will have a chance to see many types of mountain rocks, as well as herds of animals such as horses and sheep. You will also cross the highest peak of Zarafshan Mountains which is 1,718 m (5,636 ft) high. After a picnic lunch, you will slowly start your descent to the camp site for the night. Our local team will help you set up your tents.

Dinner and overnight at the camp.

After a hearty breakfast you will leave the camp and walk down to the village of Tersak following the path of the herds. During your walk, you will see the oasis of Samarkand with its stunning landscapes.  Then you will arrive at a house, located next to a beautiful waterfall, and have lunch with the family. In the afternoon, you will leave the local team, walk through the village and eventually visit the school before heading back to Samarkand. Check into a charming hotel and stroll through the city. Night walk to take pictures of the illuminated sites.

Dinner in town and overnight at the hotel.

The entire day will be devoted to exploring Samarkand and its impressive monuments. You will first visit the Amir Timur mausoleum built for his grandson and where Timur himself is buried, and a work of art with important Iranian architectural influences. The Reghistan Square will be the highlight of your day, as the complex is very impressive with its three buildings. In the afternoon, you will visit the Bibi Khanum Mosque, another historical site dating from the Timurid period, and the Siyob Bazaar with its fruit and vegetable stalls that you will be sure to taste.

Dinner in town and overnight at the hotel.

You will immerse yourself in the history of Samarkand before heading to the next step of your journey. You will first visit the Ulughbek observatory dating from the 15th century where a huge sextant was used to observe the moon and the stars. The Shakhi Zinda necropolis is also a must-see in Samarkand with its twenty mausoleums built at different times. Last discovery, the silk paper workshop, a thousand-year-old heritage of the Silk Road. Then you will take the road (4 h) to the mountain village of Ukhoum located at the foot of the Nourata ranges.

Dinner and overnight stay in the village.

Today you will start the second part of your trek in the Nourata Mountains and our local team will take care of all the logistics. After leaving your guesthouse, you will walk through the green oasis and see birds and beautiful and diverse flora. Your goal for the day will be to reach Fazilman Lake from where you will have a great view of another lake: Aydarkul Lake. During the summer period, many villagers go to the top of the mountains to cultivate their fertile lands and you will have the chance to meet them during your trek. Camp around the Fazilman lake.

Dinner and overnight at the camp.

After breakfast you will leave the camp and head to another nearby village, Sentob. The trail will lead you through rocks where you will enjoy beautiful views of the Aydarkul Lake. Once you reach the oasis, you will walk along a small river. After the picnic lunch, it is time for a little nap… As you approach the village of Sentob, you can admire engravings and petroglyphs on the rocks. On arrival, you will be accommodated in a guest house and you will have the choice between relaxing in the courtyard of the house or taking a short walk through the village… or both!

Dinner and night in the house.

After waking up, you will admire the beauty of the village in the early morning and take a quiet moment to walk in the nearby village, Sob. After a few hours of walking, you will arrive at a school teacher’s house where you will have lunch and where you will be able to interact thanks to your guide. In the afternoon, departure towards the yurt camp located in the middle of the Kyzylkoum desert (red sand desert). Once settled in the yurt, you will be invited to take a bowl of tea and simply admire the beauty of the desert. A camel ride will be organized for those who wish. You will also enjoy a stunning sunset over the dunes. Dinner and attend a Kazakh troubadour concert around the fire, a pure authentic and peaceful moment.
Night under the yurt.

Today’s program includes a walk through the desert with camels to reach the Aydarkul lake. At the lake, stroll around it and swim if you want to. Picnic lunch. After a relaxing moment, you will head to Bukhara, a new historical step of the Silk Road.  On the way you will visit Nurata, the city founded by Alexander the Great, and the famous ceramic workshop in the country. Upon arrival in Bukhara, check into a charming hotel.

Dinner in the city and overnight at the hotel.

The whole day will be dedicated to the history of Bukhara, famous not only for its numerous madrasas, mosques and caravanserais, but also for its beautiful handicrafts. One of the most impressive sites in the city is the Samanid mausoleum, built in the Middle Ages and considered the best example of the early development of Islamic architecture. The Poyi Kalyan complex, surrounded by three main sites, gives a majestic impression of the East. Once you have discovered the wonders of Bukhara, you may want to wander freely in this historic city. You will enjoy a delicious dinner on one of the terraces of the city restaurants. Overnight at the hotel.

You will have the morning to explore freely the beautiful city of Bukhara and prepare for your return to Tashkent. After lunch at the restaurant of your choice you will meet your guide and be transferred to the railway station, the only one in the country built outside a city. Your guide will tell you about its strange history before you board the local high-speed train. The trip will be quite short, 3 hours and 45 minutes. A farewell dinner will be organized in a local restaurant in Tashkent. Overnight at the hotel.

Transfer to Tashkent international airport according to your flight schedule. We wish you a safe journey back home.

NB: This tailor-made tour is given as an example and can be modified or customized to your wishes. For more details and information, please contact our agency.


Wonders of Uzbekistan

15 days / 14 nights

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